Kampot Guesthouses

There are a dozen or more guesthouses in and around Kampot, but unless you're really trying to pinch a penny you'll want to opt for one of the 'better' establishments along the river in town. The list below represents the best of these options. If you want more choices, see the list at Travelfish.

Bokor Mountain Lodge
Housed in an old colonial style building, if you can overlook the outdated rooms it's not a bad place to stay.
Mea Culpa
Located just a short way from the river at the very south end of town, Mea Culpa is probably the quietest place in town. Reports are quite positive about both the guesthouse and its restaurant. They don't have a web site, but you may be able to book them through some hostel sites.
Built in 2008 but designed to look like a traditional wooden house, Moliden is in a very good location at the foot of the old bridge. It has a good restaurant on the ground floor with guest rooms above.
Widely considered the best guesthouse in Kampot, Rikitikitavi has a great location on the riverside, very comfortable rooms and a great restaurant.