Kuala Lumpur

From a tin mining boom town in the mid-nineteenth century, Kuala Lumpur has grown into a modern metropolis, the capital of a very dynamic country. It's easy to dismiss the city as a travel destination, and many do. The sights of the city, which can be quite impressive, are very spread out and it was difficult to get around Kuala Lumpur. In recent years, with the completion of several train systems, the city has gotten much easier to get around, and there is even a special tourist bus service that can get you to some of the more remote attractions.

Rumah Penghulu traditional Malay house

There's more to Kuala Lumpur than the iconic Petronas Towers. You can see elegant remnants of the colonial administration around Merdeka Square, where Malaysian independence is celebrated as well. The National Museum is a truly world class museum of the history of the country, but for a real taste of a traditional Malay house, visit Rumah Penghulu in the grounds of the Historic Trust. You'll most likely be the only one there.

"KL", as most in the region call it, makes a great base for exploring Malaysia. You can book any of a number of day trips from the city to nearby destinations. Tours can be booked in advance through our affiliate Viator.