Kampot Restaurants

Kampot has several good restaurants, and even one or two fantastic ones. Many of the restaurants are part of the city's many guesthouses, but there are a few stand-alone restaurants, cafés and bars as well. Most of the places are near the riverside promenade or along the park blocks running up from the river. Restaurants tend to come and go, so you can check my travel journal for the latest reviews of Kampot restaurants. However, a few special places are of note: Akashi Café is probably the best restaurant in town, although it's only open for lunch. Also good for lunch, or breakfast, or an afternoon coffee and cookie, is Epic Arts Café. Operated by the UK based charity Epic Arts, which aims to introduce people with disabilities to the arts, the restaurant is run by local people with disabilities. The cookies are particularly delicious. Also recommended for coffee and pastries is Sisters II cafe.